In a perfect (virtual) world, everyone gets along fine and there is no need for a select few to dictate and enforce a rule set upon those within it. Unfortunately, there are those that take advantage of this “civilized” anarchy in order to hurt others and destroy everything… so we have rules. We try to make the rules pretty straight forward and simple as well as give players a chance to fix/learn. Please keep in mind we usually ask nicely the first time; then we get mean about it.

  1. No griefing – If you didn’t build it, you don’t get to modify/destroy/take it.
  2. Respect other players – No name calling, teasing, etc. If asked to stop something, please do.
  3. Keep behavior and language PG-13 – This is a family friendly server so try to keep general behavior and language “safe”. Occasional slips happen… within reason.
  4. No stealing – If it’s not yours and it doesn’t look like it’s meant for everyone… don’t take it. Simple.
  5. Do not crowd other players without permission – There’s plenty of room in the world (world border is set to 5000 blocks in any direction from the spawn plaza). Try to stay out of sight of other players unless you’re building a town or they don’t mind the company.
  6. If making large setups, please be mindful of server load – This is a multiplayer server and as such the resources (CPU and RAM) are limited and should be used fairly by all players. Before making a massive 40 cobblestone gen + 10 recycler setup for UU Matter consider how it may impact the server. Admins can and will check on properties from time to time; they will warn players/leave notes on setups that negatively affect the server. Repeatedly enabling such setups can be grounds for a ban.