And… BACK! With an update! 3

After 10 hours of working on the cause of the crash and fixing it, we’re back (total downtime was the better part of a day, sorry). Please please please please please be cautious when building out AE2 systems. Fixing crashes caused by AE2 is the equivalent of brain surgery with a steak knife. Yes, I can remove the tumor but that pesky pink squishy stuff is coming out too… and now you can only smell purple.

While I was working, we updated to 1.4.1 (beta). So there’s that.

D’oh! We’re down and may have a hard choice!

As many of you noticed, the server went down hard. We think it went down around 8 am EST (not positive); as far as I can see it was a vanilla Minecraft crash. Unfortunately, this caused corruption somewhere or to something. I have now restored the world from 3 of the 6 snapshots we keep at any given time (we backup once every 2 hours, so that’s 6 hours I went back) and the server still will not come back up.

I’m looking through world files now to see if I can at least isolate the offending chunk but…we may have to reset.

IMPORTANT: Let us know when you’re done with RFTools Dimensions 1

So, another pack and another way to create more worlds; this time with RFTools. While RFTools dimensions are fun to play with, not unlike MystCraft and other dimension scouring mods, it’s creating a small (well, large) burden on the server.

Any dimensions you have created and do not plan on visiting again, for whatever reason, please reply with the ID here so we can wipe them. Currently the backup is 2.1 GB; TheSmelter has not said anything but we are pushing what the server can handle load wise.


Update: DW20 for v1.10.2 version 1.3.1!

I’ve pushed a beta update for Direwolf20 for 1.10 to the server (it adds a muffler for those Wither noises). I’ll post the full change log to this post later.

Direwolf20 for 1.10.2 updated to Release Version 1.1.4

Good morning all.

We’ve updated the server to release version of the Direwolf20 for 1.10.2 pack (1.1.4); this is the version that should be recommend in both the FTB and Curse launchers at this time. We’re also going through the tweaker scripts at this time to fix some OP issues that have been noticed (please don’t go looking for them, we’re aware for the most part).

The change log for the pack is after the “More…” tag.


Wake up… and SWITCH! 2

Wow, that was a hiatus! We’re back, we’re running Direwolf20 for 1.10.2 from the FTB Launcher (or Curse client, whichever you prefer). We are running release 1.0.0 until further notice (keep an eye on CoderJ’s twitter for updates if he decides to ease up on the reckless crazy to give people a heads up).

UPDATE: I’ve updated the Server FAQ and Mod Pack FAQ to reflect the current pack on the server. More information, pretty pictures, etc. will be added as I have time.

I’m debating going back to a self-maintained pack; I guess that depends if AT Launcher supports 1.10 (or maybe Curse is just easier? Have to look into that.)

Update 2: Hit Read More for Crazy Logic.


Introduction to Skyblock

So, first things first; I apologize for literally taking 2 days to do the equivalent of dropping a box of parts with no instructions with the current pack. That was not very nice of me and I can’t promise I won’t do it again. It’s kind of my thing.

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s cut into the meat of this post; starting out on FrogTEK – FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock! (more…)

Skyblock is Here 3

Good news, I did a thing!

FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock is now on the server but does not have “Expert mode” enabled yet. The pack is available via the FTB launcher and the Curse launcher.

Upon joining the server, you’ll see a stupid piece of computer with signs (because style). To start the game, simply type “/island join <your-name” as I’ve already created islands for just about everyone. If you have trouble joining try your name in all lowercase or bother me here/on Steam as I may have forgotten (eek).

More news is coming.

Like a Drunken Phoenix 4

So, it’s been a few months since we really did anything; real life has been keeping all the administrators pretty busy (no, adding more won’t fix it… we tried it already).

That being said, we’re looking to moving to another pack again. Right now a favorite discussed among the admin is FTB Evolved Skyblock so that may be the direction we head; of course this means getting into place scripts and other plugins to handle giving players their own starting areas as well as allowing players to group/team-up if they want to (I have some ideas that have worked in the past).

We’re looking to have the current server archived/down by mid-June and the next pack up shortly after.

(After posting, it also appears our layout has become massively broken; we’ll probably review and update the site between now and then as well)

Upgrade to Simply Magic 1.15

The server was taken down for about 15 minutes or so today to update to Simply Magic 1.15. The most significant thing players should find is that the /home command should now work as intended (brings the player to place home was set, not spawn).