Direwolf20 for 1.10.2 updated to Release Version 1.1.4

Good morning all.

We’ve updated the server to release version of the Direwolf20 for 1.10.2 pack (1.1.4); this is the version that should be recommend in both the FTB and Curse launchers at this time. We’re also going through the tweaker scripts at this time to fix some OP issues that have been noticed (please don’t go looking for them, we’re aware for the most part).

The change log for the pack is after the “More…” tag.


Wake up… and SWITCH! 2

Wow, that was a hiatus! We’re back, we’re running Direwolf20 for 1.10.2 from the FTB Launcher (or Curse client, whichever you prefer). We are running release 1.0.0 until further notice (keep an eye on CoderJ’s twitter for updates if he decides to ease up on the reckless crazy to give people a heads up).

UPDATE: I’ve updated the Server FAQ and Mod Pack FAQ to reflect the current pack on the server. More information, pretty pictures, etc. will be added as I have time.

I’m debating going back to a self-maintained pack; I guess that depends if AT Launcher supports 1.10 (or maybe Curse is just easier? Have to look into that.)

Update 2: Hit Read More for Crazy Logic.


Introduction to Skyblock

So, first things first; I apologize for literally taking 2 days to do the equivalent of dropping a box of parts with no instructions with the current pack. That was not very nice of me and I can’t promise I won’t do it again. It’s kind of my thing.

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s cut into the meat of this post; starting out on FrogTEK – FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock! (more…)

Skyblock is Here 3

Good news, I did a thing!

FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock is now on the server but does not have “Expert mode” enabled yet. The pack is available via the FTB launcher and the Curse launcher.

Upon joining the server, you’ll see a stupid piece of computer with signs (because style). To start the game, simply type “/island join <your-name” as I’ve already created islands for just about everyone. If you have trouble joining try your name in all lowercase or bother me here/on Steam as I may have forgotten (eek).

More news is coming.

Like a Drunken Phoenix 4

So, it’s been a few months since we really did anything; real life has been keeping all the administrators pretty busy (no, adding more won’t fix it… we tried it already).

That being said, we’re looking to moving to another pack again. Right now a favorite discussed among the admin is FTB Evolved Skyblock so that may be the direction we head; of course this means getting into place scripts and other plugins to handle giving players their own starting areas as well as allowing players to group/team-up if they want to (I have some ideas that have worked in the past).

We’re looking to have the current server archived/down by mid-June and the next pack up shortly after.

(After posting, it also appears our layout has become massively broken; we’ll probably review and update the site between now and then as well)

Upgrade to Simply Magic 1.15

The server was taken down for about 15 minutes or so today to update to Simply Magic 1.15. The most significant thing players should find is that the /home command should now work as intended (brings the player to place home was set, not spawn).

FrogTEK is Running “Simply Magic”! 2

Good ‘Morrow All! As many have noticed already, FrogTEK is now running Simply Magic which is available through the Feed the Beast launcher. Server has been reset and we’re going to try running with the FTB Utilities that come with the pack for server management (::fingers_crossed::).

Revival 4

As many have noticed (I love starting posts with that), activity has severely dropped off. Personally, I got very busy again; changed jobs and lots of work to be done leading into/during the holidays.

Hopefully I should be more available again (I’ve said this before, at least I think I have) and that means…. PACK CHANGE! The next pack change will be another prebuilt as I’m so far behind with mod updates/what’s out there that I haven’t a good handle. If everyone doesn’t mind, we may start a rotating packs every month or so (maybe longer); this should keep things fresh as well as give everyone a chance to play something they like.

First pack is either going to be a Skyblock (Agrarian Skies 2 or Sky Factory?) or a flavored light pack (Simply Magic is currently my poison). Stay tuned… we’ll be back ;).

Downgrade to Tekkit Classic 2

Time for something different and to remember what started our little community off. We’re talking about Tekkit Classic, the grandfather of modpacks! Tekkit Classic is basically Tekkit 3.1.2 and the first modpack we ran almost 3 years ago. Going back to Tekkit is rather simple for players…

  1. Download the Technic Launcher
  2. Log in to the Technic Launcher
  3. Select “MODPACKS” and click the search box where it says “Add Pack or Search”
  4. Copy and paste the line below in:
  5. Hit “Enter” and the Tekkit Classic pack should be added to your mod pack list.

The server is down right now while we clear out the FrogTEK mod pack (don’t worry, it will be back). We will post here and on Twitter as soon as it’s back up.

We’re Not Yet Dead 4

Sorry about the absence everyone… real life strikes hard and appears to strike all the admin at the same time, unfortunately. Of course, then games about surviving dinosaur island, making soup, retro-futuristic post-apocalypse exploration (Hold up a sec, I just had one of my vault dwellers return from the wasteland. Neat, power armor!) and such come out and tie up the time we had left (and sometimes the time we didn’t have but used up anyway).

All that said, the server has actually been stable with no outside interference (funny how we stabilize it near the end of the life cycle). Since the server is stable it’s time to change it up again! 1.8 still seems like a pipe dream so we’re going to go retro ourselves. Not spoiling anything, but a lot of you will remember what the pack was before we started rejiggering the whatchacallit ourselves. It’s coming back, with all the wackiness and exploits more or less intact (can’t get rid of what wasn’t updated 😉).

We’re looking at launching either this weekend or next and as always we’ll have a backup of the world/server on hand (not that anyone ever asks for it, which is good because the whole ball of wax now weighs in at about 2GB compressed).