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    Howdy all! It’s been quiet ’round these parts and I wanted to chip in with some ideas on what the next installment of Frogtek should include mod-wise.

    There have been some great additions in the modding community in addition to updates to mods we know and love, and even ones we have forgone due to various reasons. In this thread I aim to have a list of mods for consideration to be incorporated into FrogTek to spice things up for 1.7/1.8. I encourage anyone still around to check out the mods (via another server or solo) to get their hands dirty.

    http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/231935-practicalities (no wiki atm)

    A great mod of, well…practical items. An actually safe wither killer system, a matter transporter (for moving those pesky items that need special attention) and more.

    Thaumic Energistics

    Applied Energistics for Thaumcraft. Mixing magic and technology! Tire of those messy walls of jars and scrambling to distill that last bit of Spiritus to finish your infusion before everything blows up? Fret no more!

    Gany’s Nether

    Crops for growing nether related items like glowstone, lava, quartz, soul sand, and even ghast tears and wither skulls!

    Quantum Flux

    Made by the same author of Practicalities. While its main function is wireless power from just about any range, it has some other tricks up its sleeve. Most notably are: Quantum Entropy Accelerator, turns ANY item into power. Its only 1000 RF, but decent for quick and dirty power early game… The ‘Imaginary Time Block’; Oh…this thing…so amaze. much time. very imaginary. This block will ‘accelerate time’ in certain radius around it. Makes crops grow, animals mature, grass spread, you name it. Anything that involves ticks, this speeds it up.

    All of these are in the ModSauce2 pack if you wanted to see them all in action without having to download them separately. I think they would be great additions to our pack. If I see any more that feel should be added, I’ll append this list.

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    Nodal Mechanics

    Simple addon for Thaum that allows you to create your own nodes with the aspects you want…for a price.


    multipost fail. deleted.

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    I would love to see the server full again. Frankly, it was so dead, I’ve been playing on the AIE server. Modsauce2 looks pretty good so far.


    Unfortunately, my time has been severely limited for the last 4 or so months. I changed jobs and RL decided to crack down with “issues”.

    Good news: Time is on the horizon. Bad news: Don’t know when or how much I’ll have.

    We may move to yet-another premade pack.

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