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    I have started compiling computercraft scripts to do various things. The names mostly tell you what they are and do. I have also started to add comments at the top of them to describe what they do as well.

    Right now I have: Grebog’s Pastebin

    • Turtle Circular dig – copied from a forum post and was supposedly to dig circles (not impressed)
    • Circle68 – another copied from a forum post, but this one was more about marking out and building circles, it is what I used in Frogtek 3.x to mark the pit and outer ring
    • Turtle Cobble Factory – very basic program, with an on/off redstone trigger, and just mines the block when it gets a block update in front of it (great for the cobble generators with water and lava) and drops the cobble into a chest below it
    • RNet Receiver – This is just a Rednet listener script that waits for a specific transmitter to send it a message
    • RNetRelay – Place this at near max build height to maxmize range, and it can then receive from further out, and then send to a designated receiver.

    A little tweaking and you can easily turn the relay and receiver into a 2 way chat channel, or even make a setup with 2 modified receivers and the relay to do long distance communications. Do note all chunks they are in need to be loaded for them to work.

    With Spot chunk loaders, we could likely setup a much longer distance 2 way chat. Why? no real reason other than the challenge.

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    • This topic was modified 6 years, 3 months ago by Grebog.
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