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One thing at a time…

Open Source != Free for everyone to modify and use. Please do not ever make that mistake. Sometimes it’s free for use/derivatives under certain circumstances, sometimes it’s free to compile but not distribute the binaries. Open Source licensing/permission is a complex beast, hence why I took opinion from people who deal with this constantly in regards to Minecraft mods.

Popular consensus we reached was since SkyBoy is a major contributor (he maintained the mod for a while when PowerCrystrals went away before) it was permissible to distribute the binaries compiled by him. Of course, there remains the issue where many mods (Mekanism, Natura, Tinker’s Construct, etc) reference either old or improper MFR APIs. Until this is resolved, I can’t put it in (I did try).

I saw mDiyo’s CC3.0 license, I just wanted to double check it wasn’t ND (sometimes people do that for code). Of course, the point is now moot ;).

AM2 we’re seeing server issues, it may have to leave for a bit. We’ll see if pushing to 1.6.4 resolves them

TC4… I have no clue. I have to look into what others are trying/doing. Magic Bees may offer a way to regenerate vis. Failing that, maybe a mod that hooks the API and “pumps” vis from other dimensions/worlds. Mining Ages have 2 uses now ;)!

Okay, back to pulling hair out.