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Hijacking my original post…

There is a new public access Blaze/XP farm for this round of reboot 😛
I’ve made a few copies of the warp page and put them in a strongbox at spawn, right next to the warp book barrel. The blaze farm is using old fashioned redstone (the way us old folks like it) and functions much like you would expect; crusher for 1 punch kill, toggle switch to turn lava lighting on and off and a ~10 min afk switch. This just starts a timer that will shut off the spawner so that you dont sit afk and forget to come back, leading to hundreds of blaze piled up and destroying your client (and possibly the server)

Ive added a vacuum hopper to grab item and exp and deposit them in their appropriate containers. Just right click the XP tank to retrieve it.

Use it to level your tinkerer weapons too!

Boss/rare mobs DO spawn with this and the teleporter/poison/wither ones are particularly dangerous to players that dont have health canisters and/or decent armor. Be warned and be prepared! Also, the ones that make your drop your weapon are a pain, its why I installed the vacuum hopper. It should just go back in the chest.