What is the recipe for <item x>? / How is <item x> used?

There are multiple wikis out there; some are more current/relevant than others. A few are…

My recipe for some some items are wrong or won’t produce items. Are they banned?

Chances are we’ve changed/tweaked the recipe. We try to document those changes on our siteĀ but sometimes we miss them. Same with banned/removed items. If you feel like something is wrong or should be changed, please submit a bug report/ticket.

How do I claim/prevent others from building in an area?

Use FTB Utilities chunk claiming system to claim an area. Open your inventory and click the small map icon that is in the upper left hand corner. This will open a larger map that shows about 16 x 16 chunks around you. Then it’s as simple as clicking the chunks you want to own to prevent other players from building/taking stuff in your area.

How do I allow others to build in my area?

Open theĀ FTB Utilities Teams GUI (open your inventory, click on the icon that’s a group of people), create a Team if you haven’t already. Invite the people you want to be able to build in your area and profit!

I don’t get Rule #7 (If making large setups, please be mindful of server load). Does this mean I can’t build anything big and/or complicated?

Not at all! You are more than welcome to build a complicated factory or impressive hub of industrial magic, however, be aware that the server is for everyone. When such setups become inefficient or start to glitch, they will hoard more than a fair share of the system’s resources as the server tries to process the world. This is unfair for everyone else as their stuff stops working or they are unable to even get onto the server since it won’t respond.

Keep in mind sometimes the most impressive thing to do is to find a way to do something complicated in a very efficient way; there are decorative/arm-wavy blocks available to make it look complicated without using too many system resources. If that’s not possible, at least try to set it all up so it does not run constantly (require player intervention for the machine/setup to work… not stop).

If the Admins notice a setup that is out of control and has not been set in such as way as to allow easily turning it off/bypassing it they will do their best to remedy the situation. Please note we tend to be as subtle as Industrial TNT when it comes to that.