FrogTEK 1.8

Upcoming Thermal Expansion Changes (and some bug reports) (FrogTEK 1.8)

Quick heads up… the next version of Thermal Expansion breaks ducts again. The ducts will disconnect from each other, however, breaking them and placing them in the crafting window will allow you to turn them into the correct duct. This change was necessary to make ducts work with Forge Multi Part (the fun library that allows us to have multiple micro blocks/ducts in the same block area). If you have any machines that depend on these ducts (boilers, farms, etc) I suggest you remove your chunk loader or find a way to put a cut-off into the system so it doesn’t blow up.

I’m also going through some of these bug reports now and trying to clear up the memory leak issue. I’m not entirely sure why it’s happening still (JVM snapshot has been less than telling) but I THINK it may be gone in FrogTEK 1.8. I’ve also tweaked the script for MineTweaker to fix some issues with aluminum (again).

Finally, an excerpt from a research journal I found the other day (on Alpha Io III of all places… went from one game to another, amazing).

Day XXX / Year XXXX

My time grows short; without a reliable source of even the weakest magic essence it is impossible to craft the seeds I need. If I can not grow the various material essences it will be nearly impossible to craft a portal back home. I am stranded since the ore that holds this does not seem to exist on this world.

I do hold some hope, however, as testing has shown that the flesh and bones of the local hostile life forms holds a very weak concentration of this essence but without some was to amplify the concentration it won’t form. Perhaps I can use something to focus this… a prism of some sort may work… I quail at how expensive this endeavor may become but it would be foolish to place the worth of a few gems before the possibility of returning home.

MineTweaker script will be updated tonight to reflect changes listed here. Enjoy the little puzzle I made 😉