Upcoming Downtime 2

We will be scheduling downtime for this coming Monday, February 25th. The server will be unavailable from Midnight until about 2am (possibly earlier, though). Time is EST. During the downtime we’ll be switching the server software from ‘vanilla’ Minecraft server to MCPC, which should help the server load as well as enable us to start using some Bukkit plugins… here’s a tentative list of what ‘may’ be coming (so no promises):

  • World Border (believe it or not, we’re not too far beyond the expected border, so this shouldn’t hurt too bad… we’ll actually be able to pre-generate the rest of the world and avoid lag from world generation on the fly)
  • Grief Protection (not WorldGuard that most of us are used to, but a little simpler and easier to use… system kicks in when a chest is placed and gives the user a tutorial on how to use it… allows more land to be claimed as the user spends more time on the server)
  • WorldEdit (for adminy things)
  • PermissionsEX (no more whitelist, yay… back to a grey list system… also opens up the next item)
  • Donor Perks (Donors will have their own MystCraft age they can build in; non-donors can visit but can not build… age is just a ‘flat’ world with normal ore ratios, so no instant get rich mining; remember, Coder believes you should be at risk of dying a horrible flaming and possible explosive death if you want dense ore worlds ;)).
  • CommandBook (/spawn and other favorites are back, although, not homes (we have portals and link books galore…)
  • Block Logging (not sure which plugin yet)

There are still some kinks to be worked out, so there is a chance some of this list might get cut at the last minute. All current players will be automagically added to the permissions groups as needed; any issues bug an admin… which reminds me to find a new moderator request system….