Bugs 1

Unfortunately, I’m aware of quite a few bugs with our current version of Direworld20 Pack… and unfortunately not much we can do until the pack updates (unless we jump the gun and go to FTB Ultimate which is landing 3/3/2013). Here are the bugs that are known….

  • Forestry multi-block tree farm saplings can not be turned into plantballs. This is fixed in; use wheat/reeds or use a minium stone to turn sand back into dirt.
  • Forestry multi-block crop farm will not plant wheat. Not 100% sure what’s going on here, it could be a Forge bug or it could be a MCPC bug; either way not much we can do until the mod pack updates (we’re tied to the version of Forge they use, so we’re also tied to the current version of MCPC). Work around is to either use old wheat farm + combine or to use Steve’s Carts to plant/harvest wheat (tutorial coming).
  • Forestry sapling drop is horrendous. Yeah, I said it… and nothing we can do. I’ve upped how much biomass a sapling returns (+20%) which means a full size tree farm can keep slightly ahead of a warmed up 36 block high pressure boiler. Of course, you could always use Steve’s Carts to plant/grow/harvest trees (again, tutorial coming).
  • ComputerCraft turtles will not attack; actually, they do… it’s just they’re attacking up! Adjust accordingly (gets fixed in CC 1.51).

There’s other stuff broken out there.. this is just the major stuff.