Daily Archives: September 24, 2017

Version 1.6 and Next Release Schedule

FrogTEK version 1.6 will be going out to Curse shortly. This will be the last 1.11 update barring any mod updates that fix something critical like crashing fruit stands. The complete change log is below the “More” tag, so hit that if you want to see what was updated and if the update did anything interesting (off hand, mechanical crafters should no longer crash and transfer nodes should be more stable now).

Our next version will be either FrogTEK 1.7 or 2.0. Both will bring us up to Minecraft version 1.12. The difference? If we have to wipe the world or not (yeah, we’re tying world wipe to the major version). As it stands right now, most of the mods that have blocks/items associated with them are available for 1.12 (pending actual play testings) with the exception of DecoCraft 2. To be honest, we can probably port the world over even with DecoCraft 2 missing (those items/blocks will be removed from the world). There may be a new game play mod or two included (depending on how we do retro gen).

If more mods are added for 1.12, release will be about 2 weeks out (all going well… it never goes well). If we shrug and go with what we have, 2 weeks still. I’m optimistic. Figure a month ;).