Daily Archives: April 3, 2017

Twitter, Plans, and Views

Hey everybody, CoderJ here. We’ve had a good week so far with the server and pack (only one strange issue that I have not been able to replicate with¬†Tinker’s Construct, but that’s all). Currently I’m looking at pushing an update for the ¬†pack out sometime in the next week; a few mods have issued incremental updates but nothing major we can see at the moment. When the update gets pushed to Curse/Twitch, we’ll also see the server get update.

As many of you have noticed already, I’ve started a new twitter account just for the server/pack. It is @FrogTEKMC. I’m also going to start using #FrogTEKMC to refer to pack specific stuff; there is a non-English service that uses #FrogTEK and they’ve been using it longer than us… I figure it will help cut down on some confusion.

I also took the liberty in the past two days of going around and checking out what our players have been working on. You can see a quick tour below, after the “Read More” break. (more…)