State of the Server and Pack – August 2017 3

It’s that time.

No, not tax time. Not back-to-school sale (well, for some people it is).

It’s time CoderJ dropped a crate, sat down, and rapped with the young people. (I may be dating myself with this statement).

Present Day and How We Got Here

The server is down. The pack has not been updated since May 31st. CoderJ has been more or less radio-silent since the middle of June. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!111!

The same thing that happens every time I drop off the face of the Earth for 3 months or so, Real Life. Last time I was able to start spinning the pack back up, get it on Curse/Twitch, I had lucked out. I had a lull between major projects at work (I had actually done a lateral between departments, grabbed some hats along the way) so I had a lot of time. The problem with that is, well, nature abhors a vacuum.

The end of May saw three major projects start at the same time for me at work as well as those hats I grabbed (I mentioned them) raining some havoc down. I lost time for streaming first (which I like to do), then I lost time for gaming, finally I lost time to work on the pack. Around this time the server started having a fit; we experienced a large issue with a mod (or interaction between mods) that dead dropped the server and caused backup corruption (I still can’t understand this one… I think it’s how our host does backups vs. allowing the plugin we have do it).

Other life events also happened, but for me, it’s usually been work.

So the server has been down and without an admin to work on the problem fairly strongly, it stayed down. (This part may be partially untrue; I can not speak for what Ohio4h, Grebog, Encryptic, or Rivelight may have done to work on the problem… but the truth is I haven’t had time to even reach out to them). It has been back up, however, I can not vouch for how well it has stayed up.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Reset. Again. If this is your first world reset, I’m sorry. These happen as modifications don’t usually travel well between Minecraft versions. These give us a chance to start over and try to fix the things that went wrong the last time through as well as try different things.

I am working on two different versions for the next pack.

One is the expected 1.11 upgrade with a change in the line up (we are going to pass by AE2 and similar mods to try and avoid the problems we keep hitting with them, some new toys, chickens are going away because the evidently feast on tears and frames).

The other is trying to leapfrog right to 1.12. Unfortunately, I’m having limited luck getting a solid preliminary pack together. I will try to slowly test things in various groups, find the things that work and what doesn’t. The problem lays in when I put the things that work together, the game become unplayable (severe client lag… on SSP).

If I can figure out what is going wrong with 1.12, that will be the next version (and hopefully work for a bit longer). If not, we’ll slide to 1.11.

As always, if there is a mod you’d like to see added, suggest it in the comments or via direct message on Steam/Curse/Twitch. I do consider everything and I think I have only said flat out “No” to one (PixelMon).


Introduction to Skyblock

So, first things first; I apologize for literally taking 2 days to do the equivalent of dropping a box of parts with no instructions with the current pack. That was not very nice of me and I can’t promise I won’t do it again. It’s kind of my thing.

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s cut into the meat of this post; starting out on FrogTEK – FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock! (more…)

Revival 4

As many have noticed (I love starting posts with that), activity has severely dropped off. Personally, I got very busy again; changed jobs and lots of work to be done leading into/during the holidays.

Hopefully I should be more available again (I’ve said this before, at least I think I have) and that means…. PACK CHANGE! The next pack change will be another prebuilt as I’m so far behind with mod updates/what’s out there that I haven’t a good handle. If everyone doesn’t mind, we may start a rotating packs every month or so (maybe longer); this should keep things fresh as well as give everyone a chance to play something they like.

First pack is either going to be a Skyblock (Agrarian Skies 2 or Sky Factory?) or a flavored light pack (Simply Magic is currently my poison). Stay tuned… we’ll be back ;).

New Age: The Last Millennium 1

As some of you may have noticed the last batch of mod updates added two new dimensions for us to juggle. One is the world beyond the Magic Mirror (Witchery) and not really a concern at the moment. The other is The Last Millennium.

The Last Millennium

Only as lonely as it looks…

The Last Millennium is quite literally the last moment in time, a void where nothing exists…. except the last living villager and his lamppost. This crossroads can be reached by creating a portal that short-circuits time and leads one directly to it. Luckily, others have preceded you there and have built paths away from the sad and lonely central square. Those that have preceded you have taken to administrate this area and have laid the following rules down:

  • Do not build in the way of the paths; build to the side so others can get by.
  • Do not crowd. Nothing exists here unless it is brought by you so there is no reason to crowd.
  • Do not let liquids fall into the void. We’ll be honest, we’re not sure what will happen… maybe nothing or maybe you’ll be dumping the liquid into another universe, increasing it’s mass until it prematurely collapses on itself! (Seriously, it will cause client and server lag, don’t do it.)
  • If the path needs to be extended, let an admin know… we’ll manipulate it to a point in time where the path was already there.

The live map will show construction in The Last Millennium, so players will be able to navigate semi-easily. Really it’s just a void dimension to build and have fun in. There is still another separate one coming for new world gen. If this looks familiar, you may have played a great Squaresoft game back in the SNES days.

A new recipe and misc. updates

Howdy all. We’re happy to see most our player base has been enjoying the updated pack; we’ve put quite a bit of effort into keeping this one together and working. We’re also not letting this pack get stale (again).

Some mods have been updating and we’re working on getting those updates put into the pack. A new recipe has also been added for saddles (there was no recipe previously); this should allow players who have been slower at exploring dungeons/mine shafts/etc to still get saddles. The recipe is really simple (pun intended) and requires about 11 leather and 4 iron ingots. Make 2 leather straps and combine those with the left over leather to get a saddle.

Slight Change in Plans

Well, as most of you have already noticed things are moving (I was surprised too). The site is responding better, looks better (not great, better) and lets people register/log in again! Then I opened up FTB, downloaded the actual DW20 pack… and fainted.

This pack is a monster… eats a lot of system resources and I’m trying to benchmark the server now….

I may end up going through the mods we use, mods in the pack, and cobbling something updated and similar. I like the combinations but there’s a lot of errors (I hate start up errors) and it seems cluttered/monstrous for the sake of being such.

Heavy Dust Area (A Lot of Construction) 3

Hi everyone. On top of dropping 5.0 I’m also doing a lot of work on the site and software that runs the server. Needless to say, coupled with the issues we had getting HQM to not work (ugh) things are running a bit behind.

I’m still hoping to have some sembelance of a multiplayer server up by tonight, however, I won’t be around tonight so that may not be my best idea. Worst case? Tomorrow at some point.

Sorry for the delays… getting the wiki together, fixing silly Word Press issues, and Bukkit/Minecraft drama have really killed our usual turtle pace of updates and release ;).

Turtles Making Mod Packs 1

Things are going… slowly, but they are going. Quests are being rewritten/ported to 1.7.10 (pack version 5) and we’re working on server compatibility.

Server compatibility is the big thing; we’re stuck with the software we have for at least another 5 months (for the record, I am a Sponge project supporter). That means we have to make the mods and plugins we’re using work for the long run instead of coping and hoping there will be a fix “soon”. The absolute biggest hang up in regards to this is build protection.

We’ve tried Essentials Anti-Build (appears to break HQM triggers), WorldGuard (won’t let anyone build unless opped despite proper flags), ModifyWorld (holy error log!), and some others. We’d rather not revert to a whitelist-only server, however, if we can’t get build protection to work we may not have a choice. There are still a few options on the table to try and make work so we’re going to keep at it. The biggest factor at the moment is time…

We’re Not Dead

There are things happening around here… if you wanted to you could peek at our BitBucket repository and see there have been numerous commits over the last week (migrating them to ATLauncher site now to push). We’ve also been looking into various issues to see if they’re fixable on our side or if they’re mod issues (which are harder to fix as we have to submit reports with authors).

That said, I’m going to start labeling issues that are specific to a mod (and therefor nothing we can fix internally ourselves) as “Not Going to Fix”. It’s nothing personal, we just want to clear them up and most authors have stopped 1.6 work.

We’re not leaving you hanging though…  we may have some surprises coming for 1.7.

Our issue tracker can be found here and our repository for config/xml can be found here (ignore the extra one, we haven’t had any code to commit to it yet).