FrogTEK 2.0

FrogTEK 2.0 will be released onto the Curse/Twitch client tonight. This version will bring our core Minecraft version to 12.2.2 and change up the mod list a little bit (not a huge amount). The list has gotten a little longer, however, since most mods are tweaks/fixes the pack should remain playable for all our users. The mod list is below the cut…


Version 1.6 and Next Release Schedule

FrogTEK version 1.6 will be going out to Curse shortly. This will be the last 1.11 update barring any mod updates that fix something critical like crashing fruit stands. The complete change log is below the “More” tag, so hit that if you want to see what was updated and if the update did anything interesting (off hand, mechanical crafters should no longer crash and transfer nodes should be more stable now).

Our next version will be either FrogTEK 1.7 or 2.0. Both will bring us up to Minecraft version 1.12. The difference? If we have to wipe the world or not (yeah, we’re tying world wipe to the major version). As it stands right now, most of the mods that have blocks/items associated with them are available for 1.12 (pending actual play testings) with the exception of DecoCraft 2. To be honest, we can probably port the world over even with DecoCraft 2 missing (those items/blocks will be removed from the world). There may be a new game play mod or two included (depending on how we do retro gen).

If more mods are added for 1.12, release will be about 2 weeks out (all going well… it never goes well). If we shrug and go with what we have, 2 weeks still. I’m optimistic. Figure a month ;).


FrogTEK v1.4 Mod List 6

Hey everyone, sorry for the additional delay but here is the mod list for 1.4! I’ve put a quick blurb by some things where I felt needed and also listed mods that were dropped and why after.

Edited 8/17/2017 @ 11:07 AM – Added Big Reactors, Refined Storage is now a Maybe.


State of the Server and Pack – August 2017 3

It’s that time.

No, not tax time. Not back-to-school sale (well, for some people it is).

It’s time CoderJ dropped a crate, sat down, and rapped with the young people. (I may be dating myself with this statement).

Present Day and How We Got Here

The server is down. The pack has not been updated since May 31st. CoderJ has been more or less radio-silent since the middle of June. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!111!

The same thing that happens every time I drop off the face of the Earth for 3 months or so, Real Life. Last time I was able to start spinning the pack back up, get it on Curse/Twitch, I had lucked out. I had a lull between major projects at work (I had actually done a lateral between departments, grabbed some hats along the way) so I had a lot of time. The problem with that is, well, nature abhors a vacuum.

The end of May saw three major projects start at the same time for me at work as well as those hats I grabbed (I mentioned them) raining some havoc down. I lost time for streaming first (which I like to do), then I lost time for gaming, finally I lost time to work on the pack. Around this time the server started having a fit; we experienced a large issue with a mod (or interaction between mods) that dead dropped the server and caused backup corruption (I still can’t understand this one… I think it’s how our host does backups vs. allowing the plugin we have do it).

Other life events also happened, but for me, it’s usually been work.

So the server has been down and without an admin to work on the problem fairly strongly, it stayed down. (This part may be partially untrue; I can not speak for what Ohio4h, Grebog, Encryptic, or Rivelight may have done to work on the problem… but the truth is I haven’t had time to even reach out to them). It has been back up, however, I can not vouch for how well it has stayed up.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Reset. Again. If this is your first world reset, I’m sorry. These happen as modifications don’t usually travel well between Minecraft versions. These give us a chance to start over and try to fix the things that went wrong the last time through as well as try different things.

I am working on two different versions for the next pack.

One is the expected 1.11 upgrade with a change in the line up (we are going to pass by AE2 and similar mods to try and avoid the problems we keep hitting with them, some new toys, chickens are going away because the evidently feast on tears and frames).

The other is trying to leapfrog right to 1.12. Unfortunately, I’m having limited luck getting a solid preliminary pack together. I will try to slowly test things in various groups, find the things that work and what doesn’t. The problem lays in when I put the things that work together, the game become unplayable (severe client lag… on SSP).

If I can figure out what is going wrong with 1.12, that will be the next version (and hopefully work for a bit longer). If not, we’ll slide to 1.11.

As always, if there is a mod you’d like to see added, suggest it in the comments or via direct message on Steam/Curse/Twitch. I do consider everything and I think I have only said flat out “No” to one (PixelMon).


Twitter, Plans, and Views

Hey everybody, CoderJ here. We’ve had a good week so far with the server and pack (only one strange issue that I have not been able to replicate with Tinker’s Construct, but that’s all). Currently I’m looking at pushing an update for the  pack out sometime in the next week; a few mods have issued incremental updates but nothing major we can see at the moment. When the update gets pushed to Curse/Twitch, we’ll also see the server get update.

As many of you have noticed already, I’ve started a new twitter account just for the server/pack. It is @FrogTEKMC. I’m also going to start using #FrogTEKMC to refer to pack specific stuff; there is a non-English service that uses #FrogTEK and they’ve been using it longer than us… I figure it will help cut down on some confusion.

I also took the liberty in the past two days of going around and checking out what our players have been working on. You can see a quick tour below, after the “Read More” break. (more…)

Roll Out Schedule and What You Need To Know

The server will go down on Friday, March 24th at 4:30 PM EDT.

When the server goes down, we will begin uploading the files to run FrogTEK 1.0 (it feels strange to say 1.0 again after 3 years). We anticipate having the server back up, ready for play, by 6:30 PM EDT. At that time, the server will be open for everyone that wishes to connect. There will be a live stream on my Twitch, however, most of you will probably just want to get out there and play!


Yes, everyone. The server will not be a white list server (that really defeats the purpose of a public pack). That said, there will be roles on the server and some guidelines.


We’ll roll the roles out tomorrow for a role call. We’re going to return to the three tier player system we’ve used before (and worked). Titles may change, we’ll see. Permissions are not quite set (yet).

What about those guidelines?

To be honest, it’s the same rules we’ve been using however we will be enforcing them a bit more. We tend to be a little lax towards them (specifically, the build rules) and that did cause some issues this last go around. Administrators will be visiting builds more often to check them for potential problems and leaving notes; don’t take offense (please), we’re just trying to make sure this runs well for everyone!

Our new pack is now in the Curse/Twitch launcher!

Our pack has been approved to be in the Curse and Twitch launchers! This means getting onto FrogTEK will be easier than ever. We’ve included Custom Main Menu (featuring artwork from our own Clint Johnson) and Default Options, so using our pack and getting onto the server should be almost as easy as installing it.

The pack is not live on the server yet. We want to shake it down a little bit more before doing that. We’ll do another live stream when the pack is going live on the multiplayer server. In the meantime, I have been updating the Mod Pack FAQ page as well as the Server FAQ page. We’ll be sure to get as much information out there as to what is in the pack and how to use it as soon as we can.

Lag and Server Drops 2

I am working on what is causing the server to experience some lag and sometimes drop people (but still keep them in game). First blush is there are some mods that are simply not playing nice in the multiplayer environment, but we’ll see. Worst comes to worst, we’ll go back to a custom pack that’s slimmed down some for our use.

If you’re crashing while loading a mod pack….

Try rolling back your nVidia drivers. Driver release 378.49 causes Java to crash; your best bet is to go to Device Manager -> Display Adapters, right click and select “Properties”. Click the “Driver” tab and then click “Roll Back Driver”. Fill in whatever reason you want and Windows will auto-magically roll the driver back to the last nVidia release.