We’re Not Dead

There are things happening around here… if you wanted to you could peek at our BitBucket repository and see there have been numerous commits over the last week (migrating them to ATLauncher site now to push). We’ve also been looking into various issues to see if they’re fixable on our side or if they’re mod issues (which are harder to fix as we have to submit reports with authors).

That said, I’m going to start labeling issues that are specific to a mod (and therefor nothing we can fix internally ourselves) as “Not Going to Fix”. It’s nothing personal, we just want to clear them up and most authors have stopped 1.6 work.

We’re not leaving you hanging though…  we may have some surprises coming for 1.7.

Our issue tracker can be found here and our repository for config/xml can be found here (ignore the extra one, we haven’t had any code to commit to it yet).

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