FrogTEK 4.2.1 is now LIVE!

That’s right, content is here! I ended up putting up what I had done and was ready to release… there are some noticeable holes in the quest book for now… but they are being worked on. Biggest thing is there is now a set for magic (which was asked for) and some more advanced food quests (again, asked for). Some of you are a bit (read: way) beyond some of these quests, but humor me ;). Detailed change log is as follows:

  • Added “Dark Arts 101” Quest Set (Blood Magic and Thaumcraft)
  • Added more quests to “Geek Food”.
  • Added two quests to “Basic FrogTEK Hopping”
  • Added two quests to “Daily Tech Dailies”
  • Fixed “Rune of Sacrifice” recipe; it now uses Pyrotheum Dust instead of Glowstone Dust so as not to conflict with “Rune of Self-Sacrifice”
  • Fixed configs for TiC Tweaks (I did not realize the mod now makes a folder for it’s configs… d’oh). Actual experience numbers are displayed, tools should behave the way I intended (::crosses-fingers::); experience requirements greatly reduced.

Known Issues: Server is currently kicking players for bad packet data. Not quite sure what’s going on here…. appears to be related to HQM so it may be due to a quest changing requirements or the client thinking it’s owed a pickup (something similar, hard to read the error on console so it will have to wait). Patched server to FrogTEK 4.2.2… hopefully that fixes the error.

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