Weather Delay 2

I am working on rolling out 4.1.2, however, Mother Nature doesn’t appear to want to play nice. Hopefully we’ll see an update tomorrow or Saturday.

No promises.

Proposed change log:

  • Fix tiers of JABBA structural upgrades
  • Add repeatable quest for slime tough rods
  • Update Mobius Core to 1.22 so we can update MCPC to Cauldorn.

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2 thoughts on “Weather Delay

  • Grebog

    I know you are a busy man, but do you have an idea when you may be able to get to this? Is there a way one of us may be able to assist?

    • CoderJ Post author

      Unfortunately, this whole week was rather… crap. The weather we had up this way has kept our home connection on the fritz (an unstable build of DD-WRT definitely didn’t help either); on top of that we had family/friend commitments over the holiday weekend… and then I got sick and wasn’t home for a lot of it (well, the periods I was home I wasn’t of any use, really).

      There’s not much any one can do to help unless I open quest making and the pack in general for more people to work on… which does have it’s benefits (esp. since I haven’t accomplished what I wanted to… let’s face it, I still haven’t accomplished half of what I wanted to with the pack in general). I’m home now, feeling pretty darn good, and depending on how the night goes I may be able to at least upload the new revision.