4.1.0 is Live!

Sorry for the delay all, but here’s the relevant info:

The mod pack change log can be found here, at our ATLauncher page. The fun stuff to note is:

  • Picks will now increase in their mining level after 3 levels (they will gain the “Boosted” perk). This is an either-or kind of thing; you can still apply the relevant mob head if you have it or wait and level it 3 times. I changed this after I wrote the relevant quest….
  • Some new quests and things have been rearranged a bit. Also started using the triggers and detection objectives to alleviate some headaches.
  • There’s a new quest in for those of you that are… having issues staying on the right side of the dirt. You’ll see it when it happens.
  • MineFactory Reloaded machines have been tweaked a bit to require invar tools instead of gold. Whoops. More tweaking may come.

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