Various Bugs and Quests 2

Hey all. Just a heads up that I will probably update the quests today as well as address some minor bugs via MineTweaker (Harvester). Here are some known bugs/fixes/changes that are incoming…

  • It Beats Punching Trees will be changed to a detection-type quest to avoid players losing high level shovels (when I made the quest, HQM did not have detection mode). Unfortunately, the quest was meant to take any shovel (in case some people made bone handle/head, etc)
  • Harvester will be made with an Invar axe.
  • Master Crafter will have it’s objectives tweaked to get around the clipboard issue.
  • Various Completionist quest objectives are being tweaked to make them more “1337”.
  • More Basic FrogTEK Hopping quests… we’re getting close to closing out that set!
  • More Geek Food quests.
  • A new set of quests appears!

Also, a quick note. Someone brought up Invar pickaxes are a bit easier to make than the TiC equivalent (especially as they mine down to obsidian). Keep in mind this pick uses 3x the metal (3 ingots versus 1 ingot, unless you make your pickaxe all metal), is harder and more expensive to repair (you need to make another invar pickaxe to repair it), and will only gain perks via enchantment (versus TiC tools which level up). This is an intended trade-off and you may find yourself running short on invar (which is used for various machines) if you use it all to make and maintain pickaxes.

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2 thoughts on “Various Bugs and Quests

  • Remmy

    Just FYI. There are various Minefactory recipes that are requiring vanilla golden tools. Found this morning.

    Harvester, Slaughterhouse, Fruit Picker, Block Breaker, and Grinder.

    Grinder could probably be made with drops from Zombie Pigman. (Golden Swords)