4.0.2 2

Version 4.0.2 has been released and uploaded to the server. All it does is update the quests so “Nerves of Steel” should now be possible as well as adds a bucket quest (got a few questions about those). Some secret quests have been started and I’m working on finishing up the first set as well as the second.

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2 thoughts on “4.0.2

  • Bill Sellers

    Hi Coder,
    New server & mods are awesome. I’m having a blast!

    Will the map be reset? I’m still seeing the map from the old server, being overwritten as I explore. If I delete and re-install the instance, would that erase the old map?

    I would really appreciate it If we could leave the craft-able warp pages in. I think the price to craft them is reasonably high.


    • CoderJ Post author

      The map has been reset; you’re seeing your old map data (since you upgraded from 3.x to 4.x). Either a fresh install or manually wiping the data will resolve that.