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FrogTEK v4

So, I feel most of what needs to be done with FrogTEK v4 is done. At this point, I’m waiting on HQM to publicly release 4.0 as I’m going to use that to address the crafting issue with ComputerCraft turtles (repeatable quests!)(I have the Patreon beta… trust me, the pool shalt love it… ). My plan is, once that’s done, is to move dev to release and start the live server roll out. It will probably take a day or two (or a few hours) for a couple of reasons…

  1. Battle Towers near spawn are evil. The good part is not so many aggressive world mob spawns. The bad news is because there are gangs of them a chunk or two away….
  2. Legendary Beasts near spawn are evil.
  3. I want to make an actually developed spawn this time around to act like a safe haven.

The first thing everyone will notice when they sign in is a few books in their possession. The first few are normal (Tinker’s Construct and two from OpenMods). One other will be your first quest log (do try not to lose it) and the last will be your get-of-danger warp book (with a page to spawn). Spawn should be an actually done and ready structure this time around with some secrets (since we won’t have Mystcraft in, well, I can’t give everything away at once). You should also get a meager survival ration (pace it out, it needs to survive until you get started questing) and a simple stone sword.

When I said we’re doing this in a fun way, I’m sure you all understood I meant hard. 😉


As many of you may or may not be aware, more Mojang-style drama took place. For once, this one didn’t really frazzle me as much as usual and I kept my beak out of it. It has a lot to do with people making money off of Minecraft servers by offering free-mium services (Enchanted Diamond Sword for $10 USD, Full Battle Armor for $100 USD… basically Runescape) and the fact Mojang does not approve of that (nor can I blame them). The TL;DR is Mojang is very much against this and has basically said they’re going to send lawyers to enforce that this is against their EULA. The problem is supporter perks/gifts exist in the grey area of the EULA… as in until the EULA is changed to allow it while going after the free-mium servers. Dump onto this the issues with calling people donors or their contributions “donations” without being a registered non-profit organization and my headache makes most building implosions seem like a quiet day in Tahiti.

To avoid catching any edge of this, we’re removing the Donor tier. I’ll be adding a section on the website called Supporters, which will chronicle those who contribute to the server (both in helping our server fund and helping with in-game stuff). Hopefully, this gets sorted out and/or we find other ways to offer incentives to our supporters. As I said before, I’m working on putting together a Patreon… I just need to be doing enough to justify that effort in the first place ;).

For those actually interested… this article (I linked before) sums stuff up nicely and a YouTube video that really hammers it home (the 11 minutes mark hits why running a server is expensive and why we don’t try to live off donations).


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3 thoughts on “FrogTEK v4 Roll Out Plan and Donors

  • Billy_Deadmeat

    I hardly chime in on these, but I do try to keep up-to-date with our little slice of the Minecraft-Universe. After having read this post, I felt the need to say a couple things.

    1.) I’m pumped to try out the new server and I’m always excited for the new things you throw at us, Coder. I know I’m not alone when I say I really do appreciate all the work and time you guys spend on making this a fun and fresh server. Which leads me to my second point…

    2.) I gave.. or gifted.. or supported.. or whatever you want to label it. I did not do it out of a sense of debt. I did not do it as a payment for services or goods rendered. I did not do it out of charity or social obligation. I did it because it was a small token of my appreciation. I did it for you guys so we all could enjoy this server as a community. I would do it again, if given the chance. Not out of debt, but out of gratitude and a sense of shared responsibility to the community. I like this server, I like the people on it, I like the people who run it, I enjoy the time I spend on it. If I want to send you flowers, champagne, and a singing telegram, I should have those options. I do not feel that either you or I should have to defend that right. If I bought you a pizza, no one would question the nature of our relationship and the legal status of said pizza. It’s just something shared between friends.

    I just really hope the whole planet grows up and stops trying to fix things that aren’t broken. And now I’ll get off my soapbox.

  • Bill Sellers

    Ditto to what Billy said; donation was a gift to you guys for your hard work & dedication.

    I’m looking forward to the new world and it’s challenges too.

    If you don’t mind, I’d love to help build spawn. Just let me know when! 🙂