Balancing Act 3

You know the worst part about in-depth testing? You find the derps that are hard to fix.

Some of this stuff I don’t think can easily be fixed, so I’m faced with removing it (which kinda sucks as its stuff the admin like) or finding an alternative… so here’s where we are with most of it…

  • Ender Storage is out again. There’s other ways to get stuff between dimensions (BSpace barrels, Tesseract, etc).
  • ComputerCraft tool turtles are uncraftable at the moment. This will be fixed with a repeatable quest when Hardcore Quest Mode 4.0 goes public (tested beta, it works as intended so…)
  • Thaumic Tinkerer should be making an appearance. Yay.
  • Infernal Mobs “epic” monsters are really annoying early game… during SMP quest test I ended up trapping 4 zombies with “regenerating” in their name because I couldn’t kill them. Going to see if there’s a way to cut down on some of those buffs.
  • Finally, quests that appeared in the dev version that required crafting Tinker’s Construct tools have been changed to either require them handed in or skipped entirely. HQM 4.0 has a different quest type that fixes this, but we do want to roll out sooner than later ;).

New config is being uploaded now with reworked quests… it should be possible to finish both sets now (pro tip: when doing the quest that requires grout, make it one at a time… shift-clicking breaks detection).

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3 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  • Dan

    I’m not going to lie I am ready to leave Agrarian Skies and Pixelmon behind for a while for some new Frogtek goodness. Checking the tweeters for launch news far to often lol.