FrogTEK 4.0 – Almost Ready to Roll Out

Putting some more balance touches in which will be uploaded today (I missed my deadline yesterday… whoops), along with what is written for quests so far. Feedback has been awesome this time around and based on that I’ve made some decisions:

  1. No train mod – Steve’s Carts can be made into vehicles if needed (along with turrets for defense). I spent the better part of a day attempting to balance the recipes/items in Railcraft, but it’s going to be a little to in-depth to realistically achieve as well as meet a deadline. Traincraft has not updated since we found the entity issues that eat server resources so I’m leaving that out (I think it’s the constant “motion” of the cars… I could check this out on my own…).
  2. Slight Recipe Un-Nerf – Some things were just too dang hard. I’m not telling you what I changed though :P.

At this point I’m waiting for Hardcore Quest Mode 4.0 to drop (quest progress blocks, repeatable quests, etc) as well as putting some finishing touches on server side things (mods/permissions/scripts). Not quite clear on how I want to go about this but there may be a world/area that is only accessible to people who have finished certain quests ;).

Release date, regardless, will be this week. I’m hoping to avoid the weekend due to personal commitments but we’ll see.

So…. I just noticed ComputerCraft utility turtles (melee, mining, farming, etc) are uncraftable (vanilla tools are disabled, so you can’t make the diamond tools to attach). Unfortunately, Dan200 uses NBT data to establish turtle types and MineTweaker doesn’t play nice… which means I’ll either have to kill those turtles or find a solution that works in SSP and SMP. Argh.

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