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So, there have been some questions regarding FrogTEK v4 and what’s going on with the server. I’ll try my best to answer them, but no promises ;). If you don’t feel like trudging through it, the TL;DR is because we want to try to keep gameplay from becoming too stale and have fun with a broader community. We’re also almost done with the first set of quests (Basic FroTEK Hopping) and work has already started on the second set (Geek Food) with plans in place for sets 3 and 4. These should all be uploaded to the dev version (available in launcher for testers) today at some point.

Does the pack have a focus now?
Yes! We’re focusing on survival, challenge, and bragging rights. We’re mixing that in with the derpy fun we’ve come to love from Frogpants by mixing in some trivia/lore about Frogpants with our questing system.

Why is [x mod] gone, could we add [y mod] instead?
A lot of the mods are gone because they either caused numerous headaches/issues (I’m infamous for ditching mods when they become a pain in my backside), caused server issues, or just weren’t used/unbalanced the experience. I believe the mix we have now should offer some fun as well as help keep the game form becoming “stale” too fast. Yes… it’s super cool being able to take 5 stacks of cobble and turning it into diamonds/emeralds/uber crafting material, but it gets old fast and provides no motivation to explore/quest/have fun (if anything, it causes people to turtle up, build factories that kill the server, and lose interest).

Yup, it’s going to be a bit of a pain. Essentials will be ripped out (it may remain in a very slimmed down fashion just to distribute a small on-join kit for new players), so no more quick /spawn or /home and no trains (I may rethink this one). It’s basically you, a warp book (better kill endermen), and teleposers (Blood Magic). We do plan on giving everyone a warp book and a page for spawn but….

Quests are coming along. The first set (Basic FrogTEK Hopping) is almost complete and will help players understand the fundamental gameplay changes as well as help keep them alive. The second set (Geek Food) has been started which will help players with the revamped food/hunger system as well as introduce them to hoarding/mass item turn-in quests. The third set will probably be an advanced concepts quest line (not sure yet), with all others after that being hoarding quests for bragging rights.

Live Release
It depends. If we hold off on including HQM and quests, we could release as soon as this weekend (most things are balanced except for Battle Tower loot tables). With HQM, we’re looking at 6/20 as the soonest (loot tables for reward bags still need to be populated, quests need to be finished… not sure what releasing a new/updated quest book will do to progress; I should test that).

The Future
I don’t know. 1.7 mods are progressing nicely and support is there in ATLauncher, it’s just getting everything we want in it. I’ll be here as long as people want to play and I have time (obviously, the second one is the concern). There is the possibility of doing “challenge” servers in the future (Agrarian Skies, Space Race, etc) but I would like to be near done with FrogTEK v4 before I really think about those again (the issue is cutting our own player base down too much, as well as dividing my time between servers).

Supporting the Server
Those of you who have “donated” have noticed two things… 1) we couldn’t really deliver on the perks we promised, and 2) the button is gone. The button is gone because we were uncertain where we were headed for a bit and it seemed wrong to accept money for something we weren’t sure was going to continue.  On top of this, there are legal ramifications behind calling them donations, offering something for them, etc (there is a ton of semi-old drama about this with Twitch and other servers). I know, personally, I’ve been eyeing Patreon however that would require I start outputting more content than I do now (so basically I have to look at my own priorities and what I have for time to do that kind of stuff).

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10 thoughts on “FrogTEK v4 Q&A, Changes, More

  • Remmy

    Playing with the dev release, the challenge is fun. Hunger is a real thing that must be controlled, and getting a consistent food supply can be challenging. I know that it will be a pain for some out of the gates, but this pack really extends the play experience. (No quarries in the first 2 hours)

    I would be happy if it was released this weekend, but that is so I can get started.

  • Shawncaster

    I feel like Trains should still be a thing in the pack. From watching Octa’s progress I know that if we don’t have something like Magical Crops to get raw materials, it will be mid to late game before the efficient rails and trains are available because of the resources needed to make them. A train trip would also still be time consuming, although, it would be semi safe too.

    • CoderJ Post author

      I feel Trains would certainly add some atmosphere… I would like for it to be Traincraft (personal opinion: they’re prettier and seem more realistic) but it may be Railcraft due to balance and the fact Traincraft carts seem to eat CPU/memory for breakfast for whatever reason.

  • Grebog

    Since there will be no magic crops, then ditch Traincraft. It will be near to impossible to do anything like running a rail line much more than around a hut, let alone get to spawn and other peoples homes. I would like to see steve’s carts stick, but that is just me.

    • CoderJ Post author

      Played with TF a little bit… seems like it would fit in, however, I don’t really have time to balance that much game play change. Seriously…. that’s a total overhaul!

  • Billy_Deadmeat

    I wanted to second the terrafirma mod. My only concern is how well does it play with other mods? It overhauls a lot of areas but definitely gives that difficulty curve.

  • Jehdai

    2 things:

    We should just do TFC by itself… you don’t really need other mods when the overhaul is that good.

    and second…

    I never expected anything from donating, cool there were some perks, but really, helping with the burden of paying for the server was reward enough for me.

    (also sorry I haven’t been around much, been busy with AIE in FFXIV and Wildstar)

    • CoderJ Post author


      Maybe we’ll do a challenge map or something down the road with that.

      Related note: I can’t ever get into the Stormtalon server to play with AIE. Almost every time i try to join the server the queue is 3 to 4 hours (second day of early start it was 1d 2h at some point…. argh).

      • Jehdai

        I have been pretty consistently getting a 200 person queue. I know Durus said something about a 2k person queue last night (right before I got a 200 person queue). The queues go a lot faster than the quoted times. Great game.