FrogTEK 4.0 dev is now available 2

For those of you with access to test builds, the development version of FrogTEK 4 is now available. Please keep in mind this is an alpha/beta release so some balancing remains to be done (quake before us requiring Nether Iridium and Enderium… MWAHAHAHAHA!) and some mods could still swap in/out as needed. Quests are not in yet, either (requires sending over a map, which I don’t think we’ll do) but the framework is there if you want to play with it (keep in mind activating hardcore mode will delete your world if you die).

Known Issues (don’t report them, please):

  • Forestry engines are not balanced and may not work for crap (they output MJ or EU… and we didn’t provide a way to transport that kind of power; I may just remove them entirely)
  • Nether is kind of empty (I took Natura out in favor of some other stuff… it may get added back in; additionally, we’re waiting to hear back from Atomicstryker about adding in Infernal Mobs/Legendary Beasts)
  • Roguelike Dungeons have a vanilla Ender Chest (enjoy it… it’s a free gift; I may make a recipe to convert it to an Ender Chest from Ender Storage).

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2 thoughts on “FrogTEK 4.0 dev is now available

    • CoderJ Post author

      I have to add people manually to the list (you install them by clicking “New Instance” in the Pack browser and selecting the version manually). You have been added.

      Keep in mind that there is no version stepping with the dev version, so often you will need to reinstall to get the changes.