Server Side Update and General Status 2

So… I haven’t quite quit yet, despite my saying as much. The problem is… I love modded Minecraft ;).

I have updated MCPC+ (the server software) to address some issues that we’ve been seeing. The chunk loader vs. fake players (golems, harvesters, etc) may be fixed (doubt it) and some memory issues have been plugged. I’ve also slipped some things of my own in to address some little things I’ve seen that bother me (really nit picky stuff… maybe 20 lines of code).

I’m looking at doing some updates to the mods as well. Mekanism may be a bit of a headache (not really sure what happened there… either an unintended commit or branch; there’s a good chance I accidentally put us in a corner on that one) and some stuff appears dead ended (and has been since before our last pack update) but we’ll push on anyway.

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