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2 thoughts on “3.3a is LIVE!

  • Grebog

    For those who may be curious about why their hydrogen generator power plants no longer work, well the answer is some major changes nerfed the heck out of electrolytic separators. The separators now require 4 kj/t to run, which now makes it unpractical to use the separators and gas-burner generators (old name was hydrogen generators) as a means for a power plant, since the power output of the generators was not increased, or if it was it is still well below the 4kj/t the separator needs.

    Right now the best option for power in mekanism are the wind turbines. The solar is not bad, but are costly to make and they have low power generation compared to wind turbines. Also, do not believe the gui on the turbines. Shawncaster and I did a test and altitude does matter even though the gui ALWAYS says 1.6kj/t output. Basically by the time one on the ground charged a energy cube to 900 J, the one at level 200 had charged its to 1.6 kJ. Also, the turbines appear to spin way faster at higher altitudes.

    I hope this helps