3.1 Dev aka Danger and Death Update 2

3.1 is live on dev (config is not, so it may not load). I’ve updated Minefactory Reloaded and I’m debating updating OpenMods to the latest dev builds (we haven’t noticed anything broken… but….).

Most notable in this update is going to be some new additions to our pack:

  • Battle Towers – Generated towers that get more difficult as you climb and feature a boss at the top. Oh, and loot.
  • Legendary Beasts – Find, battle, and kill legendary monsters. Some have even bullied the villagers into building temples…
  • Roguelike – Wish fortresses were a little harder (or more common). 5 death defying levels, in case you like dying.

It was brought to my attention when we moved to 3.0 I had removed some of the “fun” that exploring Twilight Forest and like brought (although we still have the Deep Dark and the Cow Level). With 3.1 I hope to bring some of that excitement back as we open our first two ages; one for mining and one for exploring! Quarries, Ender Quarries, Digital Miners, and Turtles will be restricted from the exploration world to encourage sight seeing.

Oh, if you haven’t check them out, you should look into Ender Quarries; instead of using landmarks they use fence (yeah) and only mine up non-dirt… which they replace with dirt (no unsightly hole in the ground). They also chunk load as needed (similar to quarries and Enderthermic Pumps).

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2 thoughts on “3.1 Dev aka Danger and Death Update

  • Dan

    Heya Coder how goes the testing for 3.1? Just curious looking forward to exploring. I figured your busy getting ready for PAX. Have fun 🙂

    • CoderJ Post author

      I uploaded a working version of 3.1 to dev tonight… it appears to be stable. Seemed like every time I got one thing working, another mod updated or broke.

      RL has been slamming me; started a new position, working on establishing a non-profit, and joined volunteer fire. So… yeah. Been hectic. I hope to have 3.1 live tomorrow or Wednesday.