Tentative 3.0 Release Date 14

So, it’s almost here. I have configs finalized and ready to roll, doing some testing with SSP and will hopefully start SMP tomorrow (pending a quick Mekanism update). I’m hoping to roll to 3.0 on Friday. This means Thursday night (3/13) will be the last night of 2.x; the world will be frozen and backed up (do I really need to do this? No one has ever asked for the world backup) and I will begin putting together the server for 3.0. It will launch at 6:00 PM EST on 3/14 (Friday).

Now how can I mess this up? 😉

EDIT: Server should be back up from today’s crash… I had to remove a hopper at -183 69 3035… ish. If that was yours… sorry.

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14 thoughts on “Tentative 3.0 Release Date

  • kalmondo

    Nor am I. Hey, I put a couple more of my siblings on the white list request, I was kinda hoping to get them in on the world reset. Could you address that please?

  • Grebog

    I am in no need for the world backup.

    With Traincraft coming, I am interested in setting up a rail system around the map and connecting homes if people are okay with that. Should this be done below ground or above ground? If I go below ground. I would have to head down a fair distance if we have any oceans to some areas.

      • kalmondo

        If it is under ground, it is easier to destroy with a quarry by mistake. Above ground rail also gives scenery. What happened last time?

        • Bill Sellers

          Above ground! If people know it’s coming to their plot, or it’s there before they start building, they can incorporate it into their design. 🙂

  • WW

    No need of a world backup here!
    I would prefer above ground rail. I used to love to ride around FS Alpha world and gawk at the cool builds. Just need to find a way to keep all mobs off of tracks.

  • Grebog

    Bane torches and thaumcraft has the paving stones that prevent monsters from crossing. either way we can do it. My big concern is the amount of time it will take to get enough resources to make either and time to infuse every single bane torch or craft the paving stones of warding. It may take a while to make it a safe rail line.

    I prefer the above ground as well, but I am not sure I want to go sky rail, as it may be an eye sore to some, but something on the ground would be easier to incorporate into a design.

    I am going to again delve fast and far into thaumcraft and dartcraft so I can make both torches and paving stones, but it will still take some time.