3.0 Progress 11

Many of you are asking for an ETA on 3.0 and the honest answer has been “::shrug::”.

I’ve been hoping to roll the latest Atomic Science/MFFS/UE in with our pack, however, there are issues preventing this… I’m hoping the put off a hard decision but it looks like they will be added to the removal list.

Currently it the list looks like this:

  • Applied Energestics
  • Atomic science
  • Defense
  • emasher’s resource
  • Soul Shards 2
  • MFFS
  • Twilight Forest
  • Universal Electricity

Added mods include

  • Traincraft

I’m looking at some others but at this point our main concern is to make a mod pack world that can sustain on it’s own for a bit; most mods have now reached end-of-life for 1.6 so it’s rare many bugs will get fixed with the mods we have left. Likewise, it’s possible to find some interesting and polished stuff ;).

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