And We’re Back 2

After some delays (Coder overslept) server is back up! If you encounter any issues please report them in comments here ASAP so we can address them.  Here’s the change log and important information (some stuff did not make it in yet)….

  • MystCraft ages have been reset/wiped! If you have a descriptive age book, note that it will crash your client 100% of the time if you try to use it… destroy it by knocking it to the floor and punching it.
  • Quarry chunkloaders will only turn on when the quarry is loaded; either keep a spot loader near it or realize your quarry will turn itself off after a server restart (not sure if this affects Chunk Loaders as well…)
    It appears all chunk loaders now need a player to visit them after a server restart. There is no restart schedule, so you’re advised to visit all your force loaded areas at least once a day. This includes loaders located in other dimensions/ages.
  • Permissions are now in and whitelist is off.
  • MystCraft age creation has been disabled… again. Stop making them (it adds load to the server and uses up resources… if you want a particular age spawned talk to an admin, we’ll generate it during off-peak hours).
  • GriefPrevention is now active; if you need a large amount of blocks to claim your area let an admin know, we can grant ‘bonus’ blocks. Otherwise, you will gain 100 blocks per hour played…. tutorial and info is here (note that auto-claiming is off, all claims must be done with the shovel).
  • Players can now do /spawn to get to spawn. We’re working on building it up to be useful ;).
  • Current ranks are: Unverified (new users), Member, Donor, Moderator, Admin. If you’ve donated, let an admin know (I didn’t have access to the list when I was setting groups…).
  • There is no donor world yet; to clarify, the donor world will be an always sunny world that is flat (plains/forest) with regular ore distribution… members can visit but can not mine/build. We’ll be opening a separate resource world at the same time… that will be extreme hills/river/forest with iron ore tendrils and some other fun stuff (remember the CoderJ motto – if it seems too easy, you’re probably going to die).

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2 thoughts on “And We’re Back

    • CoderJ Post author

      Eek! I’m loading up the back-up I made of the world prior to the new world borders… we might have to relocate the tower somehow (temporarily patch the tower back in and C&P it somewhere else).