What’s In Dev? 4

Kicking some stuff around dev at the moment (unpublished), of course, the major issue with moving forward with some of these changes is they are simply not compatible with our world; New Atomic Science/UE/MFFS, new Magical Crops, well… you get the picture. Additionally we’re starting to see some growth issues with some of our more notorious mods (cough – Applied Energistics – cough).

So I’m faced with a small dilema… do I make a new version (3.x) and restart the world (again) or do we upgrade what we can and live with it?

Poll coming soon. Smallish update probably this weekend or shortly after.

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4 thoughts on “What’s In Dev?

  • WW

    I vote for whatever makes life easier for you! New worlds are a known fact of modded minecraft. Thanks for your time and effort.
    [Sandi called it last weekend, I believe she said “haven’t we started a new world yet?”]

  • Dan

    I agree new worlds and new mods are always fun and exciting. We haven’t been on much as of late, we are still loosing bee’s in our tree/bee breeding area so maybe a new world with updated mods will fix that. We been playing some Moonquest with the kids for a change of pace. As always thanks for all your hard work Coder.

  • Grebog

    I know new worlds are all part of the deal with modded minecraft, so do what you need to do to keep it stable. I know the live map is a resource hog, but could we have it for the first week after a new map? It can help us find our new homes.