Upcoming Changes and Issues with 2.5

It’s been a little bit since I’ve updated, so I guess it’s time to. Work has been ongoing with version 2.5 and getting it ready for the live server… however, there are reasons it’s not even on dev yet (for those of you with dev access).

I’ve run into some little issues with OpenBlocks (resolved without blowing anything else up, I think) and Calclavia’s mods. Specifically, Calclavia has been retooling their mods a ton, removing Basic Components and reworking how Atomic Science and MFFS work. The result is there is a ton that can break our world by updating to the new versions of the mods (turbines and uranium ore will go *poof*, no more large turbines or turbine animation, no more basic component steel clumps/metals, etc); after weighing the potential damage the changes could do versus the benefit (some potential bug fixes with reactors and load improvements) I’m of the position it’s not worth it as the invalid blocks (old turbines/uranium ore) will cause issues (we’ve seen this before with the removal of Resonant Induction and Ars Magica) as well as cause headaches for the various users of the mods.

That said, I should have 2.5 on dev tonight. We should have the following mods updated (with the big changes):

  • Ars Magica to 1.2b (should fix /respec to no longer eat points, allow us to use /setlevels on other players finally)
  • JABBA to 1.1.0c (new upgrade/tier approach, less resource usage per tick per barrel, OreDict caching so lookups are faster)
  • OpenMods to latest snapshots (OpenBlocks, OpenPeripherals) (lots of little code fixes)
  • Opis to 1.1.3 (updates to latest MapWriter, fixes some resource issues)
  • Steve’s Factory Manager to A51 (adds command groups)
  • WAILA to 1.4.5 (moves detection to client tick instead of rendering tick (less resource intense), tooltip will not render when hidden, BC energy no longer calculated, more caching for faster lookup)

And yes, I am aware Magic Crops is up to 3.2.0 beta however Mark719 has stated the new version will break the current world which puts it in the same boat as UE/AS/MFFS… probably not going to be updated within our pack.

BTW – If you notice the site now responds a bit faster it’s because we pestered DreamHost about the site’s speed. They were able to diagnose it and move us to a less populated server (we use Shared Hosting).

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