State of FrogTEK

ScottyD, man of many things Frogpants gaming And all around cool guy, recently posted a State of the Servers over at the Final Score Steam group. Since we have no opposing party to give a rebuttal I felt I’d do an addendum with specifics on the state of FrogTEK.

As many of you are aware last year brought a lot of changes for us; we went from being a Tekkit based server to Feed the Beast to a custom Feed the Beast and finally became our own custom pack in the Astocky Launcher. We changed hosts a few times, tryingbthe self hosting option for a bit before we moved to The Smelter  (who, as I always point out, have been super supportive and tolerant of our high resource usage). We started dabbling in our own live streams as well as got more organized in providing a reliable issue tracker and wiki. We’ve gone through a few mods and brought some old ones back. Finally, we started our own Starbound server which has been a decent draw.

The question is where do we go from here? Looking forward to the nearest milemodse we’re waiting on ComputerCraft to update before we release our next minor version; if it looks like CC 1.6 is a ways off we’ll do an incremental version to at least update Ars Magica to fix the respec and give levels commands.

On the wiki side we’re going to put more effort in at least pointing people to resources about various mods. There’s no point to rewriting or plagiarizing what others have done.

For the Starbound server we’re looking at ways to increase performance and stability, including implenting an autorestart for when it crashes. This may require changing hosts but we don’t know yet.

On a more personal note, now that the busyness of the new year is behind me I am looking to work on my side projects more. These include FrogTEK as well as my streams/videos. Also on the list is changing hosting provider for my websites, getting my personal blog back on track, and getting my mobile game into at least a playable beta state.

I think I speak for all of FrogTEK’s administration when I say thank you for another year of support and helping to prove that the gamers that listen to Frogpants Network are some of the best people out there.

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