Quick Updates and New Version

Unfortunately, since I’ve pushed 2.2 my time has been severely limited (literally came off a 40 hour shift last night). I have been reading bug reports/server logs and keeping an eye on stuff but I have not been able to fix some issues.

  • Issues with Extra Bees (indexer eats bees, apiarist pipe eats bees, general insanity) should be fixed as Extra Bees has released a release version now: 1.8. I will try to push it with 2.2.1 later.
  • Issues with AM2 (random loss of skill points) are unfortunately unavoidable. I can update us to the latest 1.1 (1.1c), however, be warned (and I will post the warning in the MOTD) that going to The End will reset your skills.
  • Basic Components/Universal Electricity/Atomic Power are “frozen”… I can not seem to make the UE3 framework play nice with our existing world (or really in general). I have not had a chance yet to ask Calclavia about this issue, but I have a feeling we may be out of luck (or I’m missing something stupid).
  • Excess logs are back. Denoflionsx was sent a report. I’ll update when I get a chance.

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