Reminder on Submitting Issues/Bug Reports

We’ve recently been having a smooth run with the mod pack until some recent setbacks. As such, I’d like to remind everyone if you don’t want to drive me absolutely completely nuts and hostile that you should use our Bug Reporting System (as outlined in the wiki… which is in bad need of an update). There’s a few reasons for this:

  1. It avoids duplicate reports… that is, one can see easily if others are experiencing the same issue and either see if it’s been solved (and how) or contribute more information.
  2. It helps pool information… rather than looking at one or two forum threads, my steam messages, article comments, etc all I have to do is gather all of it from the issue tracker.
  3. It facilitates communication on the status of the issue… since most users choose to provide e-mail/name and follow the issue I’m able to easily verify if it’s actually fixed or just fixed for me but not you.

Seriously, it drives me crazy having to respond via 4 to 5 different forms of communication for the same issue when I’ve setup something specifically for it. If I start getting hostile, that is 99% of the time the reason. That or I’m overworked… keep in mind this is a hobby/side project for me so not getting a prompt response can sometimes mean I’m either at work, doing something with friends/family, playing another game, or sleeping.

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