2.2 Is Live 1

2.2 has been uploaded to the server and appears to be running well. There was a last minute update (again) to Magical Crops that adds food and infused diamonds… I recommend reading the author’s site as some changes affect how Magical Essence is made and used. There was also another update to Magic Bees which adds TE and Redstone Arsenal branches to the bee family, fixes aluminum bee by-product to use the ore dictionary, and has changed the name on AM2 bee families.

Bug tracker is being cleared now of stuff that appears to be resolved.

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One thought on “2.2 Is Live

  • Alaviel

    Hmm all it seems to do right now is corrupt my instance when I download it, Right before it crashed it displays this message in the log,,,

    No. Bug reports do not go in comments. No no no no no. No. Did I say no? NO! Everyone hates seeing The Wall of Text and we have a tracker for it… link and information are in the wiki and forums.