2.2 Incoming (and Change Log, why not)

NOTE: I am pushing 2.2 onto the launcher now, but it’s not live yet. I will tweet and post here when it is as well as update the server message (which you see in the multiplayer server browser before you connect).

2.2 is on it’s way… testing appears to be good (I attempted updating Universal Electricity to the 3.x series; it did not end well, we’re staying put). Players should see minimal changes to existing things, but should see some new things as well…


  • DartCraft – is now 0.15; fixes the NPE crash some users got among other things. Dart Iron is now a thing as well, evidently.
  • EnderIO – Umm…. not sure.
  • BuildCraft – Pipe changes (no one should notice, most of you use EnderIO or TE)
  • ThermalExpansion – Fixes some NPE conditions no one was hitting
  • Magic Bees – Compatibility with AM2 and TE. Enjoy.
  • Mekanism – Mostly crash fixes.
  • Forestry – Texture fixes and machine/crash fixes. Enjoy.
  • Extra Bees/Extra Trees – Texture fixes. Yay.
  • AM2 – We went to 1.1b, not 1.1c (which resets your magic knowledge/skills if you go to The End… unacceptable). Fixes some recipes and essence mechanics.
  • DenLib – Dunno… appears to have turned on debug mode again.
  • TubeStuff – Dunno
  • RedLogic – Dunno
  • HatStands – ADDED! Enjoy hanging your hats.
  • Hats – Moar hats!
  • Sync – ???
  • MineFactory Reloaded – Added. Automate all the things.

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