NY-NW-NV and 1.9 FAQ

Q: Will there be a spawn build rush similar to last time?
A: Probably not. We will be able to move most of the spawn structures over with minor modification. Additional structures shouldn’t probe to be too big of a deal (we hope ;)).

Q: Will we have a Live Map?
A: Initially we will re-enable the Live Map feature we had; this will help everyone find a nice spot to settle (either alone or as a group). We will disable it after a little while as even when it’s not rendering it’s consuming too many resources of our host.

Q: Have the mods being removed been determined?
A: Engineer’s Toolbox, Metallurgy (KeithyUtils, ExtraTiC), and LiquidXP.

Engineer’s Toolbox did not prove as popular as we had thought it would (it proved a bit too complex and EnderIO provided means to easily route power/liquid/items).
Metallurgy has proven no end of headaches (consumes many upon many IDs, some do not go where they have been set in the config while others seem nebulous at best).
LiquidXP is currently showing a strange interaction with other mods, however this may be an ID issue. If it works out, we will put it back in.

Q: What is being added?
A: Some interesting things from ModJam and other places.

Q: Ars Magica 2?
A: Yes.

Q: If we’re resetting now, will we have to again if/when we move to Minecraft version 1.7?
A: It is the nature of modded Minecraft to be in flux. While we try our best to avoid world resets, they happen. If we found a good combination of mods that disregarded the need to update, then we would never update… but that then would almost defeat the purpose of playing modded Minecraft. So we endure the world resets because each one also brings a new adventure of discovering what various mods have added, what has stayed the same, and anticipation of what the future may hold.

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