New Year, New World, New Version 1

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Festival Festivus, etc etc etc (if I forgot your holiday or near end of year greeting I apologize; if you don’t celebrate any of those just smile and move on). Version 1.8 of the pack is on dev, however, it will not be pushed to live… we’ll be pushing 1.81 instead which will leave Thermal Expansion at version 8 beta (more on this in a bit) but will include the updated versions of DartCraft, Mekanism, NEI, WAILA, JABBA, and Opis (which should, among other things, fix the excessive log errors from Mekanism that lead to a memory leak).

So… we’re facing a few issue with mod updates that are bound to come up. Ars Magica has a new version released the fixes the issue we removed it for (player dat file corruption), Thermal Expansion is now fully released (but not compatible with the ducts from version 8 beta), and there are various glitches/errors occurring due to various mod updates/removals within the world. So, rather than continue to hack and hot patch various issues it’s that time again.

New Year – New World – New Version!

Version 1.9 will drop on (or about) 1/1/2014. It will include the release version of Thermal Expansion/Redstone Arsenal/COFHCore as well as some various surprises and changes (arch among them is the removal of ExtraTiC and Metallurgy… they’ve caused some config issues that have driven me insane… removal will free up literally 2/3’s of the item/block IDs currently in use). We will try our best to preserve the way Spawn is currently built (shouldn’t be too difficult, but I’ve said that before ;)).

Version 1.81 will stay in the launcher and the last backup of the world will be available on request. Now to work on our next incarnation!

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One thought on “New Year, New World, New Version

  • Sandi

    Hey, it’s always fun to start something new, so it’ll be fun. Plus, we usually see way more people playing once we reset. 🙂 I have New Year’s Day off, so hopefully we can do some scoping out of a new home.
    Appreciate you Coder!