Thermal Expansion…. into crashes!

Right now we’ve hit a strange issue with the update process… I’m going to push 1.8 by Saturday, however, this update will break any existing Thermal Expansion ducts/conduits. When this happens… they HAVE TO be picked up ASAP and converted to the “new” replacement (which is done by simply putting them in the crafting window).

Why is this important? Apparently in Beta 10, the “old” blocks will cause a pretty nasty start-up crash on the server. The alternative is downloading the world and using MCEdit to remove the conduits…. I hate doing that (takes a while to download/upload, ties up at least one PC for about an hour or two committing the change, something inevitably gets super broken).

I may “freeze” Thermal Expansion at Beta 8 in our pack for now if this is a problem… hopefully other mods/Forge versions will not kill this idea.

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