Outstanding Issues

First off, our Starbound server can easily be found at starbound.frogtek.net now. It goes down frequently, so be warned. ScottyD has a backup server up. There is no login/password for the server but I will implement them if abusive random players become a problem.

Second, I’m aware of a memory leak that’s going on with FrogTEK Minecraft… it seems linked between excessive error messages being thrown by Mekanism tile entities and changes made to ATLauncher. I’m having trouble duplicating the exact issue (on my system, the garbage collection appears to keep memory use in check but I managed to freeze up the console… fun). I’m checking now to see if simply updating Mekanism is the way to go (however, we run then into the issue that the latest Mekanism uses the new Forge Multipart and Thermal Expansion APIs… and updating Thermal Expansion is going to break a lot of ducts and potentially kill the server… joy).

Also, Nether reset is tonight. I’ve been busy/distracted.

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