Java Exception (Current Status) 7

We are aware that under most circumstance at the moment users can not launch the mod pack after updating. This is because Mojang’s file servers are being goofy at the moment and telling everyone they can’t have the files necessary to launch Minecraft. Our host (ATLauncher) is looking into the legality of hosting the needed files ourselves to prevent/fix this, but unfortunately, it’s a sit and wait situation at the moment.

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7 thoughts on “Java Exception (Current Status)

  • Grebog

    RyanTheAlmighty has updated the ATLauncher and everything appears to be resolved. If you still have the issue restart your launcher so it tries to update to the latest version.

  • Dan

    I haven’t been able to update at all since Monday morning. Finally reinstalled the launcher and java today but now the launcher is getting stuck at “Failed to download file packs.xml from ATlauncher servers. Not sure if its just me or not but ATLauncher seems to have a lot more issues than ftb did.

    • CoderJ Post author

      1) Sounds like a bug, also, the front page of the launcher has details on this error (sometimes a CDN server goes down and the launcher has issues… can’t remember how I’ve solved it in the past)
      2) Have you checked out the last 2 – 3 days of Twitter/forum drama for FTB? Their 1.6.x update was almost disastrous… and we’ve been rocking 1.6 for a few months.
      3) This is the first real issue we’ve run into with ATLauncher, even then, was not ATLauncher’s issue but the fact Mojang moved stuff without providing a redirect.

      • Dan

        I finally got it to work no idea which of the things I did worked lol. Yeah I been following their 1.6 progress on twitter has not been pretty. Now I just need to figure out what mod to disable to get rid of that mini map and I’ll be set. Thanks for the help.

  • Mykittylover13

    i tried to get onto the AT launcher today to play the yogscast complete pack but I get that java exceptions err everytime how do i fix this i’m not really tech savy so please give step by step instructions ;3