1.7 is Live 1


1.7 is now on the server (of FrogTEK, not MC… I don’t even think there is a 1.7 Forge yet). GasCraft has bowed out and Magical Crops has moved in… to make the new crop seeds you’ll need to find Essence Ore which will be in the next mining age.

DynMap is still AWOL; CPU load on the server appears to be much lower without it (even though I had it set to run only when no one was on) so I’ll leave it off for a while longer.

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One thought on “1.7 is Live

  • nubbs232

    Just a little hiccup I found when I logged in after the update. The redstone conduits from Ender IO no longer seem to provide a strong enough signal to activate the tinker construct drawbridges.