Dev 1.7 and Moar Starbound and Moar Coder and Polls 1

Those of you with dev access will be able to get at a working version of FrogTEK 1.7 shortly; I’m sorry this has been so late but life has been hectic all week. As I said, we will be swapping MapWriter out for Opis (it’s easier for me, you should see no difference really).

The Starbound server now has 2GB of RAM and 2 cores (up from 1 and 1)… it appears to be more responsive now and working as intended. New planets can be explored (I got my butt kicked on a brief trip to a L5 Desert).

On a semi-related note, I’m going to move my ramblings and non-Minecraft/Starbound stuff to a seperate CMS (haven’t figured out what yet); it’ll be found at my main site which should finally be working by Monday (only been down since 2010… new record!). That means stuff here will be a little more concise/informative while you can go there for my random blathering, videos/streams, and whatever else I may end up doing (I’ll try to keep it PG but if you’ve heard me in Mumble you know sometimes the filter falls off and shatters…)

Finally, a brief poll (well, two); one is to add Magical Crops to our pack (check it out, it’s pretty cool), while the other is regarding removal of some unused mods (as far as I can see by looking at placed blocks/inventories)… candidates for removal are GasCraft, LiquidXP (I think most people are using OpenBlocks stuff), SoulShards, and/or Wireless Redstone. Notice on their possible removal is now, so if you have a good reason or big issue with their removal let us know ;).

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One thought on “Dev 1.7 and Moar Starbound and Moar Coder and Polls

  • nubbs232

    I actually have plans to use Wireless Redstone in the future I was just waiting for 1.7 to get put in and have the MFFS back to work on some ideas.