So… 1.7? 2

I could be witty, but I have no energy.

I had 1.7 about ready to roll on Monday, however, we ran into a crash-to-desktop issue with MapWriter and Extra Utilities. Rather than distribute an unofficial build of MapWriter, I decided to wait… that was my mistake (MapWriter is open source and the author allows derivative so I would have been more than within the right to redistribute my own build… derp). Real Life has reared it’s ugly head and without going into detail (if we chat in Mumble or not-on-the-record, I’ll tell you but it’s boring) I do not have a less-than-12-hour day at all this week… and I’m currently on something where the schedule is not a suggestion (it’s something that causes us to cry at our past optimism thinking we would get things done faster than they are going).

On a related note, Starbound beta for those that pre-ordered drops tomorrow. I will do my best to get a multiplayer server up when I get home… but that depends on how stable the dedicated executable is. If you’re bummed about a lack of AAA titles that aren’t releasing until well after the new year… check out all the cool stuff that is literally dropping every day on the PC indie scene 😉 (brief rundown… Maia, Starbound,Chroma Squad, Wasteland 2, Wayward Manor, Pixel Piracy, Fire Point… just to name a few… you can google ;)).

I’ll leave this here… (Warning: There is some foul language… good stuff near the 3 minute mark ;))

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2 thoughts on “So… 1.7?

  • Billy_Deadmeat

    I think we can all understand (even if we can’t fully appreciate) update delays. This time of year is always rough in terms of time, money, and stress. I’ve seen more MMO guilds break up than lighted reindeer on lawns during this time of year. So no worries Coder!

    As a side note, I’ve seen a bunch of Let’s Plays for Starbound pop up today. Looks a lot like Terrarria-in-Space, but very cool nevertheless. And I’m one of those waiting for Wasteland 2! I remember playing/watching Wasteland and Fountain of Dreams as a kid (probably wasn’t age appropriate). Definitely looking forward to some deadly RPG action when that comes out.

    I also wanted to mention another indie that’s coming out soon on Steam – Banished. Very cool looking medieval-city sim. Looks like Age of Empires, The Guild 2, and SimCity had their genes thrown in a blender. Worth checking out for anyone looking to scratch that city building itch left from Towns/SimCity/Prison Architect/RimWorld.

    • CoderJ Post author

      Oh man, I forgot Banished. That’s a good one too (I own all those others except the new SimCity… I refuse to own that).

      Funny enough, the work project I’m on atm has nothing to do with the holidays. That’s next week ;).