1.61 is not coming…. 1.7 is 3

Remember how I said after 1.6 we probably wouldn’t see another big update? I laughed, you laughed, Ohio went [OHIO]? It was great.

Then Mekanism released a big update (segment cables and multipart support), followed by EnderIO (item ducts and external duct controls) and BuildCraft (who the heck even actually knows). Twilight Forest also updated (adds more stuff and fixes a crash putting armor on armor stands) along with DartCraft (big changes to Spoils Bags), some exciting things in MFFS (guess who’s coming back), Natura/Tinker’s Construct/Mechworks released a final version, and some more config tinkering needs to occur.

Oh, and at some point I broke DynMap. Whoops.

So 1.7 is coming… might be Monday morning, we’ll see.

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