1.6 is LIVE!


1.6 is now live on the server… here’s a brief run down on what has happened…

  • JABBA (Just Another Better Barrels Attempt) has been added. Barrels. Sweet mother of… BARRELS!
  • EnderIO has been updated, should fix some small issues no one noticed.
  • Universal Electricity/Atomic Science has been updated; these machines/generators should work with RF (Thermal Expansion) as well as produce it. Sweet!
  • Thermal Expasion/COFHCore has been updated; Dynamos work properly again (Steam Dynamo would cause a rendering crash before)
  • Thaumcraft 4 has been updated; enjoy arcane bores and improved Pechs. Reminder: Taint spread is off, but corrupting your local aura will still cause it.
  • Chisel has been updated; connecting textures and more compatibility with other marble/limestone types.
  • Mekanism has updated; more RF interaction goodness. Voice server has been disabled (we share a Mumble server with Final Score MC, no need for another one).
  • Biomes O’Plenty updated; leaves are fixed?! Too late for us :*(
  • OpenBlocks has been updated to the stable snapshot branch; read the overview from Reddit here.
  • OpenPerihperal has been updated to latest snapshot; improved TE interaction and some robot stuff
  • Opis has been updated (server side) – We’re now checking to see what’s eating resources… you’ve been warned 😉
  • Forge has been updated to 953. This means nothing to most of you ;).
  • (Old Change) Engineer’s Toolbox (socket modules) now uses RF; you have to change your output/input with converter sockets.

Arcane Bores and Steam Dynamos should be safe to use once again (just to clarify ;)).

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