What Happened?

Undoubtedly, many of you noticed our outage yesterday (which was almost the entire day) coupled with a lot of frantic updating and swearing. Well, I have a little story and it goes something like this..

On Saturday, we started compiling version 1.5 of our pack to include Thermal Expansion, which had been released into the wild as a beta. In order to accommodate TE, we also had to update other mods so they could interact with TE’s new API/power system (Redstone Flux/RF). We also took that opportunity to update to the latest stable Forge supported by MCPC+ (952) since issues we had with Biomes O’Plenty and Ars Magica 2 had been fixed in both mods (it’s important to note, however, that AM2 has yet to see the update to address the player data corruption… the issue has been fixed, the version is not live yet). It was then decided, after all this flurry of updating, to wait until TE went to the final version and allow mods to “catch up”. The update was one of our largest yet, weighing in at half the install size of the pack, and there was a large margin of something bad potentially happening.

Then the Thanksgiving holiday code for PluginsForForestry broke; this is the same code that brought us wooden pumpkin buckets so it’s a nice vanity perk for the season… but all the same it crashed out the server as well as any clients firing up one week before Thanksgiving. Our hand was being forced to push an update as soon as possible to repair the issue to get the client back up. Needless to say, for all our admins, time has become a very scarce commodity, so rather than try and squeeze out 1.41 (which means shelving 1.5, rewriting the XML, testing, and publishing) we would push 1.5 after verifying it worked. The initial push was good (mod update to server and client worked initially) but we soon found some last minute changes didn’t make it into the config files (d’oh), so a stealth update was pushed. Then we found the server was not supporting the Biomes O’Plenty achievement properly, causing the client and server to crash and burn. Another stealth update…. oh look, tesla coils (formerly part of Resonant Induction, now part of Mekanism) cause a crash. Argh.

So… back to the drawing board, and luckily Biomes O’Plenty and Mekanism pushed a new version (or 5) out to resolve the issues. They were added to 1.51, configs were double checked, and then ATLauncher had an outage. It was turning into one of those nights. After about a half hour the site and it’s services were back so we pushed 1.51 out, updated the server, and everything looked good.

Except… almost all the Biomes O’Plenty trees lost their leaves. It seems the BoP authors changed some block IDs and what not, but in doing so, caused the existing leaves to poof out of existence. It was initially figured to be a derp in the config, so we attempted to restore the world to the previous backup (since the server was down almost all day nothing was lost)… but because we’re FrogTEK, this caused another fun issue were we got locked out of the world folder so the server could not start.

After working with TheSmelter’s tech support (again, we love these guys), we got the server back up and running. First thing it did? Chewed up and spit out the leaves. This is the result of Biomes O’Plenty (again) changing some block IDs, which also appears to have affected gemstones and other things with the mod. On top of it, something either within Forge or MCPC is affecting chunk loading (or rather, unloading).

Just another week in modded Minecraft land…..

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