1.5 is LIVE!

I didn’t intend to go live with 1.5 until after TeamCoHF released a non-beta Thermal Expansion but denoflionsx forced my hand by having PluginsForForestry crash loading the new holiday buckets. For those interested they are pilgrim buckets, not turkey buckets. Sorry.

Quick FAQ….

When I connect is says “Missing the following mods”

Minecraft tells me I have a duplicate ID

My Biomes O’Plenty doesn’t match the server

Also, aluminum ingots now act like they’re supposed to and allow one to construct the empty canister.

P.S – Spawn causes crashes… thank resonant induction’s departure. I have to download the chunk, delete the offending blocks and reupload. Also, yes, some leaves got eaten…. let us know and we’ll do our best to regen affected chunks

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